Daisi Pollard Sepulveda is an American model, international beauty queen, businesswoman, author, and actress. In 2005, she was crowned Miss Jamaica International, which led her to compete on a larger scale as the first Jamaican candidate in history to compete in the Miss Earth 2005, Miss Asia Pacific 2005, and Miss Beauty Queen World 2005, and is the only known candidate to hold three different national titles throughout a single pageant career. Daisi turned competing in pageants into a full-fledged career which includes multiple business ventures, public speaking engagements, books, and appearances in film and television. She is also involved in charity work for various causes, most notably her association with meningitis.


    Daisi was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in New York City and is of Jamaican and Middle-Eastern descent. She was born with a minor birth deformity on her left eye called an upper eyelid coloboma but had reconstructive surgery at the age of 22. Daisi was raised by her paternal grandmother from the age of 12 to adulthood with whom she was extremely close. Daisi's grandmother thought she had potential for modeling, acting and dancing which led to professional training and shortly thereafter, Daisi began working with various fashion brands around New York City.


    Her body of work includes Los Angeles Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, LA Urban Fashion Week, Jam Vibez magazine, Reggae Planet, Gap, Old Navy, MTV, Lifetime's: How to Look Good Naked (episode 2.2), Bravo’s Launch My Line "Bare Minimal" (episode 4) and Good Day LA. She has also appeared on international networks TVJ and CVM's Smile Jamaica and Star World ABS-CBN in Asia. She made her film debut in King of the Streets by Laguna Productions and Box of Shadows. (2010) by Fotocomics Productions. In 2014, Daisi walked for Laurie Elyse in the 2014 New York Couture Fashion Week. In 2015, She made a cameo appearance in the German movie ABC's of Superheroes. She is the spokesmodel for the clothing company Queen Of Culture.


    Throughout her pageant career, Pollard Sepulveda has held the following titles:


    Miss Jamaica International 2005, Miss Asia Pacific International Jamaica 2005, Miss Earth Jamaica 2005, Miss Beauty Queen World Jamaica 2005, Miss Beauty Queen World 2005, Miss Asia USA Israel 2005, Miss Asia USA 2006, Mrs. Jamaica 2011 and Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012.


    During the Miss Asia Pacific International 2005 competition in Guangzhou, China, Pollard Sepulveda was most notable for her on stage protest regarding the poor treatment of contestants by the organizers. In 2011 Pollard Sepulveda representing Jamaican married women in the Mrs. Ethnic World International competition. Leading up to and during the competition, Daisi filmed her first documentary, about Caribbean-American beauty queens, called Living Jamerican: The life and times of a Jamaican-American Princess, sponsored by a number of corporate sponsors including The Grammy Museum and several others. The documentary allowed the viewer an inside look at the life of a Jamaican-American beauty queen.


    Daisi uses her various platforms to influence others through her charity work. She volunteers with numerous organizations. During her Miss Jamaica International 2005 reign, Pollard Sepulveda promote computer & technology literacy in Jamaica gaining support from the Governor General, Sir Howard Cooke, Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie, Minister of Education, Maxine Henry Wilson and the Jamaica Tourist Board. From 2006-2008, Daisi toured as a keynote speaker to schools to promote scholarship opportunities. During her reign as Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012, Pollard Sepulveda focused on a series of small charitable efforts titled, “Legacy Projects". In 2012, Pollard Sepulveda was named an Honorary Co-Chairwoman for the National Meningitis Association. Using her personal experience with meningitis and prominent position of influence to bring awareness to the disease, she created MeningitisNews.org and MeningitisHealth.org. Through MeningitisNews.org, she broadcasts the latest on meningitis outbreaks, new discoveries, vaccinations, outbreaks, and other important related news. In 2012, Pollard Sepulveda was elected Chairwoman of the Board of Directors to the Meningitis Foundation of America. She resigned from the position in early 2014.


    In 2012, Daisi also founded Daisi Media Corp, a digital media company in which all of her modeling, acting work is managed. Daisi Media Corp. houses a multi-channel network, a Blog network and manages the digital properties, images and video for Pollard Sepulveda. Daisi has published three books through Daisi Media Corp., To Be A Queen, Starter Model and the The Tin Box: A Story of Texas Cattle and Oil.

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    Pageant History


    Daisi represented Jamaica, Israel and Yemen over the course of a decade competing in international beauty pageants in the United States, China, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Collectively she holds 7 titles including Miss Jamaica International 2005, Miss Asia Pacific International Jamaica 2005, Miss Jamaica Earth 2005, Mrs. Jamaica 2011 and Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012. Daisi also participates in a variety of other competitions including blade throwing, billiards, public speaking and running. Daisi turns her love for competing in pageants into a business by recruiting corporate sponsors to fund unique projects she creates while leveraging competition platforms and the popularity of pageant titles. From 2005 to present, Daisi raised over $300,000 for various commercial and philanthropic efforts such as meningitis awareness campaigns, speaking tours, social network platforms for models and documentaries.

    PHOTO: Beginning her pageant career in 2005 at the age of 25, Daisi represented Jamaica in the Miss Asia Pacific International pageant in China. Later that year she represented Jamaica at the Miss Earth in the Philippines. For both competitions, Daisi was the 1rst Jamaican representative. During this time, Daisi was most popularly known for her outspoken views on labor issues and racial discrimination in the pageant industry.

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    Daisi Media Corp./Daisi Global


    Daisi Media Corp. is an independent, talent -first media company that produces vertical is in complete control over content creation, advertising partners and brand relations. Founded by model and pageant-preneur, Daisi "Jo" Pollard Sepulveda, Daisi Media Corp. was created with the bold belief that ‘talent' can develop into a sustainable vertically integrated brand.

    Brazen Studios L.A.



    Brazen Studios L.A. is a boutique photo and video space catering to bloggers and content creators. Daisi founded the space as a resource for Youtubers and social media creators needing studio space and professional grade equipment. Brazen Studios L.A. is based in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles.

    Meningitis Foundation of America, Inc

    Chairwoman/National President

    As the President of MFA, Daisi oversaw and implemented the organizational goals and operations for the foundation. She actively represented the organization in the media and during events assuring that the meningitis communities concerns were being addressed. Daisi lead teams in planning and executing fundraising, community outreach and immunization campaigns with the overarching goal of building public awareness about the risks, dangers and protection against meningitis.

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    Doing Good Work

    Daisi has filled significant roles with charitable organizations including Chairwoman, Board Member, Ambassador, Spokesperson, and Mentor. Daisi has worked with organizations such as the National Ladies Professional Group, the National Meningitis Association, the Asian Professional Exchange, Dress for Success, APLA, Minority AIDS Project, Red Cross, LA's Prom Closet, the Meningitis Foundation of America, the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations and several others.

    PHOTO: 2012 Meningitis Statement Dress, worn and photographed on Daisi Pollard Sepulveda, features faces, names and stories in honor and memory of survivors and victims of meningitis. The dress was created by designer and artist, Laurie Eylse. It was auctioned during the Give Kids A Shot Gala founded by the National Meningitis Association.Add paragraph text here.

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