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    I’m a thought leader in the modeling and pageant industry.

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    Modeling & Pageants are my life - I’ve been doing this for more than a decade

    and I’ve done very well from this industry.


    Model, Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda

    Dreams Can Come True

    In the beginning, I was an average girl with model potential. Before the days of ANTM, I watched Fashion TV and MTV’s House of Style and religiously practiced and planned for when a modeling scout discovered me.


    As a kid my mom cut out sections from the back of the newspaper for Wilhelmina Kids Model Searches and stuck them on the refrigerator planning to take me and siblings one day but like many parents hoping to get their kids in front of industry gatekeepers - agents, managers, and scouts; we were always busy with school, family affairs and life just got in the way.


    At 12 years old, I saw a modeling school in a strip mall in my neighborhood. Excited that my chance had finally come, I rush inside thinking that if they only saw me then everything would start happening. Instead, they tried to sell me classes and told me to come back with a parent.


    A year later I went to live with my grandmother. The moment I got off the plane she took one look at me and said, “You’re going to be a model!” The very next day she took me to an Open Call for Ford Models Kids Division and they signed me up! FINALLY - I’ve been discovered. I’m a REAL MODEL!


    Well, no actually….On the way home my grandmother told me I wasn’t a real model until I landed my first job and got my first paycheck.


    I spent weeks going on castings, go-sees, and auditions. No-one told me that I would spend more time going to see about getting a modeling job than I would spend actually “modeling”. It was boring. After school each day I had to walk around the city and take the subway from casting to casting. Finally, I landed my first modeling job. The initial feeling was GREAT but I wanted more. For each job I got, I spent hours commuting and waiting while spending lots of money on photos and other marketing materials. Even at the ripe age of 13, I had one boring question on my mind….

  • How was I going to be the Bi-Racial Cindy Crawford as a nobody without a rich famous family?

  • Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do!

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  • #BeautyQueen

    Model, Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda. Photographer, Mark Fisher

    Fast forward a decade of going on more castings, auditions, and go-sees. Landing some gigs, losing many more in between. Traveling from NYC to Miami to LA to South Africa to Europe and back, living out of suitcases in crowded model apartments and cheap hotels trying to make a name and leave a mark. Modeling can be a really hard life with little stability and no real guarantees.

    Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, Miss Jamaica Earth 2005  competing in Miss Earth 2005

    I think EVERYONE gets the feeling that they want to leave a mark, have a purpose, meaning while making more money and having more freedom.


    Life for me changed when I decided to compete as “Miss Jamaica” in the Miss Asia Pacific International competition.

    I began BRANDING myself with a website, business cards and on social media.

    • I got out every single book I could find about marketing and branding
    • I read blogs and articles about sponsorship and business
    • Every night I’d stay up writing down ideas of how I could promote myself and get people to follow me.  
    Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, Miss Jamaica Earth 2005 and Miss Malaysia competing in Miss Earth 2005

    What I learned about marketing and branding myself really paid off. By the time I was headed to China for my first competition I had secured my first sponsorship deal, had made several appearances including public speaking, newspapers, television, and radio.


    One of the most notable experiences I learned was how to handle controversy. During the Miss Asia Pacific International 2005 competition in Guangzhou, China I conducted on stage protest regarding the poor treatment of contestants by the organizers. It made front page newspapers in China.


    Throughout my 10 year + pageant career, I’ve held the following titles:


    Miss Jamaica International 2005, Miss Asia Pacific International Jamaica 2005, Miss Earth Jamaica 2005, Miss Beauty Queen World Jamaica 2005, Miss Beauty Queen World 2005, Miss Asia USA Israel 2005, Miss Asia USA Yemen 2006, Mrs. Jamaica 2011 and Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012.


    It’s been many, many years since I first stepped foot on a pageant stage but I’ll never forget how empowering it was to learn to take charge of my personal brand. Because I chose myself I was able to open doors for others. I was the first Jamaican candidate to compete at Miss Asia Pacific International, Miss Earth and Miss International. Since many girls have followed in my footsteps.

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  • #WalkingTalkingAndWaving

    As a Beauty Queen and Modelpreneur my job is to advocate for causes, inspire audiences and lift spirits. I’m often called on to speak on behalf of charities, scholarships, governments and business organizations catering towards women and minorities.

  • #Modelpreneur

    Businesses and Brands Built By Me for You!

    Daisi Media Corp. A Brazenly Beautiful Media Company
    Daisi Jo Boutique | Curated Style
    Brazen Influencers | Real Connections -  True Influence
    Brazen Studios L.A.
    My Product Model | Simplified - Glamourized
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  • #SocialGood

    My journey has led me to work with some amazing organizations in several different roles as a Chairwoman, Board Member, Ambassador, Spokesperson, and Mentor.


    I can teach you how to build a successful career and make money through modeling. Doing photoshoots, and fashion shows for fun is not my style. I want to show you how to not just get an agency or a “modeling job” but a set of skills that is worth millions over your career.


    I’m going to warn you now though, I don’t play around.


    I work hard, and if you want to make it in this business. our going to have to work hard too.


    That’s the AMAZING thing about this business though…


    If you took all of my resources away today, I’d be making waves again within a few weeks. I can teach you the most potent skill sets you can have in this business.


    Models who can grasp these concepts are becoming the Supermodels of today’s era!

    Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda speaking at the Asian Professional Exchange conference.

    This blog is jam-packed full of posts, resources, tools, and strategies to transform you into a working model. I’ve got everything here that you need to go from nothing, through to booking your first paid job.


    Check out this blog post about how a reader went from unemployed aspiring to be model to booking paid shoots every week using ONLY my free material on this blog. Seriously, $500 per shoot as a freelance model - how’s that for going after your dreams?


    This is a free modeling course designed for those who are interested in learning more about how to legitimately get a head start in the modeling industry...And it’s 100% free. I aim to make my free material better than 99% of the paid programs out there.


    This is a step up from the blog as I show you the “HOW-TO” of modeling from the technical, tools, marketing, etc. and not just the “what”.


    I send out weekly emails with marketing tips, career advice, fitness tips, life bombs, and more. This is one of my favorite times of the week. I read your emails throughout the week and then I get to sit down at the computer and think about how I can help you out on a more personal level.


    This blog has tens of thousands of readers, and I write to a wide audience - straight-size models, plus size models, male models, aspiring teens, and parents. My emails are more of an “insider’s view” of modeling, marketing, making money, building a lasting career and leading a great life.

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    Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda teaching and lecturing about the modeling industry.

    Great question - if you listened to everyone who says they’re a model, you’d be crazy!


    Here are some of the reasons that tens of thousands of people follow me, share my material and trust me as an authority on the business of modeling and pageantry:


    • I’ve been modeling professionally since 1994
    • Research me and you’ll see I’m the real deal.
    • I'm a Multi-Title Beauty Pageant winner.
    •  13,000 + monthly readers trust me, share my content and implement my advice.
    • I’ve walked in New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week and others around the world 
    • I’ve appeared on television and in feature films
    • Some of my students have gone on to have awesome careers
    • I’ve appeared on some of the biggest websites in the world such as Huffington Post and E How
    Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, Mrs. Jamaica 2011

    You can expect daily knowledge bombs, marketing tips, strategies and more.


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    The best way to get to know me is through social media


    Instagram (@daisijo)






    - Daisi



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