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Daisi Explains What Drives E-Commerce Sales in Today's Competitive Space

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Daisi was recently interviewed on the E-Commerce Momentum podcast promoting her ebook, My Product Model Success Guide: PHOTOS. There she shared her thoughts on how real product use is driving today’s e-commerce sales especially on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Daisi believes customers are looking for “real life” use cases. Gone are the days of commercials that make life look effortless. Today’s content marketing is driven by real people doing real things.


According to Daisi, "Brands are nicheing down and verticalizing according to their target audience. They are picking who their project best fits and curating specifically for that person. This is unlike mega brands of the past where one big conglomerate made a one size fits all product and basically dominated the retail space.”

Want to know which brands are doing it the best? Listen to the episode of E-Commerce Momentum to find out!

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