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Daisi Pollard Sepulveda to appear in Season 1 of the Ozzie and Quark Comedy Podcast Show

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One of the first Celebritygueston the show is super talent and Internet sensation Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda. Appearing in Episode 3 of the Comedy Podcast Show Daisi joins Ozzie and Quark in the cockpit of their spaceship. Daisi teachthe boys some lessons in Showbiz and sets the record straight on who is the funniest. This Episode features Ozzie and Quark for the first time from the front and together with Daisi the three have a hell of a time entertaining the audience.

Ozzie and Quark are two excellent Space Alien dudes, who found inspiration in Earthly Pop Culture, Celebrity News & Hollywood Entertainment transmissions. Being intergalactic comedians themselves in between jobs hauling heavy medal scrap through the universe, they decided to put on their own Comedy Podcast Show and transmit from Earth orbit live over the internet. Ripping, slashing and joking through Popular Culture, Celebrity News & Hollywood Movies, they put on a bone breaking funny comedy show, which is quickly growing in popularity across the universe.

As future episodes are on the way, Ozzie and Quark's ultimate goal is to grow their large audience into a huge intergalactic following and start broadcasting a full-fledged late night show live from space from one of their old cargo hangers in the back of their spaceship, which has been converted into a 4k HD Late Night Show Studio. Celebrity guests & audiences will be on boarded via teleportation. From opening monologues, to special guests to sketches & original space adventures the Ozzie and Quark show will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. The guys will have their own Late Night Show desk and a suave red designer couch for their guests. One of the first celebrities visiting the new 4K HD Studio will be Daisi, who had so much fun the last time around that she has been already booked as the opening premiere guest star of the premier episode of the new “The Fabulous Ozzie and Quark Show”.

The Ozzie and Quark Podcast Comedy Show is currently playing on Amazon & Amazon Prime and will be expanding to other platforms soon and is produced by Nutsack Industries.

Ozzie and Quark Show Copyright 2017 by Nutsack Industries Entertainment

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