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Daisi Walks the Runway for Kilame Shoes During the Kiss The Monkey’s Flicks4Change Event

· Daisi Jo Pollard,Kilame Shoes,Pamela Quinzi,Kiss The Monkey,Flicks4Change
Daisi Walks the Runway for Kilame Shoes During the Kiss The Monkey’s Flicks4Change event. Kilame is one-of-a kind  high end fashion shoe brand designed by Pamela Quinzi in New York City. Kilame Shoes feature romantic embellishments including handmade embroideries and appliqués with Swarovski crystals, feathers, lace and silk flowers, a combination of materials and colors inspired by the energy of New York, combined with a Baroque allure.

Kiss The Monkeys is an event, networking, and social media company. Flicks4Change is Hollywoods pioneering film festival 100% dedicated to films about social change.

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