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Daisi Pollard Sepulveda Leaves Board as Chairperson of the Meningitis Foundation of America

· Daisi Jo Pollard,MFA,Meningitis News,Board of Directors

Los Angeles, CA - Daisi Pollard Sepulveda-Low has left her role as Chairwoman/National President of the Board of Directors of the Meningitis Foundation of America. Daisi resigned her position along with other unnamed board members. During her tenor Daisi revamped many of the organizations programs including their awareness initiatives, educational scholarship program and the Camp Riley Scholarship. The organization was also able for raise its profile through Ms. Pollard Sepulveda-Low’s participation in events lead by the Abilities Expo., NCNW and health fairs organized by Councilman Jose Huizar's office.

Diagnosed with meningitis in 2006, Ms. Pollard Sepulveda-Low interests in meningitis philanthropy are personal. Upon her exit of the Board, Daisi is continuing her efforts in supporting meningitis related issues through and Donations collected through and will go to towards organizing the Eradicate Meningitis Fund. Her creation of both media projects will serves as fundraising sources for existing global meningitis immunization projects, research and support programs for survivors.

Daisi believes the creation of and will help disseminate information and news about meningitis around the world through one platform. "In the last several years we have seen the escalation of meningitis outbreaks in the United States. A platform such as Meningitis News can become a very relevant source of information.” says Daisi. Meningitis Health is primarily for survivors that are experiencing side effects as a result of their illness. The site will target those living with chronic illness as a result of recurrent issues such as Mollarets Syndrome but will also be inclusive of the entire meningitis community. The site will offer advice, support and resources based on Daisi and others experiences with meningitis. “We plan on including information from doctors, research studies and personal experiences on the site.” commented Daisi.

About Daisi Pollard Sepulveda-Low

Daisi Pollard Sepulveda-Low is an American model, international pageant winner and business woman who was diagnosed with meningitis in 2006. Daisi has worked with several organizations to expand meningitis awareness including the National Meningitis Association, the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations and the Meningitis Foundation of America. To learn more about Daisi or to request an interview, visit, or contact

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