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Now! April 2016

Hi Guys!


I haven’t posted new updates or news releases here in a while because I’ve been so immersed in my current projects that I or my team haven’t had a chance to update this page. A few days ago I was really inspired by Derek Sivers movement So I decided to shift my news blog to this format and join the movement!


The way it works is you simply create a page on your website that you update with projects you are currently working on. You are free to update it or change it whenever and however often you need to. I’m sure everybody is going to use this in their own creative individual way but I find it refreshing to switch away from a "Latest News” page for a website that represents my personal brand. I feel like by changing to the “Now” format, everything that I post on this page becomes more of my own voice rather than a carefully crafted press release.


Considering how quickly and regularly my projects can shift depending on their needs, I plan to update this page quite regularly and share some of the fun!


UPDATE: 4/13/2016

  • finalized Got our 1rst client on Friday! Yay
  • Starting post-production on Living Jamerican - Finally!
  • Learning to have hobbies and not feel guilty about doing things for my pure enjoyment, like painting.
  • MeningitisNew weekly webcast and MeningitisHealth to help survivors live a healthier and better life.


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