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Thank You Heartbreak Podcast Interview

· Chelsea Leah Trescot,daisi jo pollard,Thank You Heartbreak,Podcast interview

Daisi interviewed with Chelsea Leah Trescott on her podcast @ThankYouHeartBreak and sharing some serious #truthbombs about relationships, breakups, objectification and creating yourself. Perfect for anyone who has gone through a #breakup, rejection, shaming, oppression, and objectification!

In this episode, we went deep about:

  • Being at the mercy of another man's rejection of her
  • Her take on being "objectified" by men
  • Our tendency to judge people we get into relationships with by what we think they will become
  • The marketing of relationships
  • Shedding layers as well as friends as we move through the world creating ourselves and finding out who we are
  • The importance of interdependency 

Do you agree that everything about relationships is marketing?

If you had to package yourself, what would that sound like and would you buy into it?

If the answer is no, what would need to change in order for you to get excited about who you are and all you offer?

Listen to the episode >>>

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