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The Entrepreneur Way Podacast: The Ground and Pound Lifestyle of an Entrepreneur with Daisi Jo Pollard Sepúlveda Founder and Owner of Daisi Media Corp

· Podcast interview
The Entrepreneur Way Daisi Pollard Sepulveda Podcast

“I started my first business and I was 24 and although that is a very popular thing to do now it wasn’t so back then – it wasn’t that popular and people looked at you and treated you like you were young and dumb. An entrepreneur wasn’t a thing – not a popular word back then. It was not a word that people were using so freely and the word start-up only existed in Silicon Valley for the most part, it wasn’t in our language. So, I took overcome a lot, being a woman, being young and being a minority was a lot. For whatever reason for me I was unaware of any of those things when I started”…[Listen for More]

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