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Use Your Influence to Create & Monetize Content | Media Creators Space Event

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On May 25, 2017, Daisi Pollard Sepulveda joined the lineup of speakers at the Media Creators Space Event held on Monrovia at the Monrovia Library Park.

Media Creators Space is an event that celebrates video production for personal and professional use to empower people of all ages and walks of life to produce videos for growing a brand and spreading a message and enables them to learn, innovate and create value.

During the event, Daisi spoke about how to leverage your social media channels by creating content that can be monetized through your influence. Watch the full talk here.

Other speakers included Nick Cross - 2 x Emmy Award Winner & Art Director Shorts Department Cartoon Network, John Tague - Actor/Director and Creator of the Multi-Award Winning Web Series The Rolling Soldier, Peter Lorimer - Owner at PLG Estates and Creator of Backstage Pass a Social Media Real Estate Lifestyle TV Show, Nolan Silverstein - Founder of Dromebox LABS Media Company, Lance Mungia – No Budget Storytelling Techniques E.D. KGEM Studio, writer/director/producer Six String Samurai (Lions Gate) and The Crow Wicked Prayer (Dimension Films), Pamela Fitzpatrick - The Hollywood/ Monrovia Connection and Jacobo Vizcarra - Grow your Business with Video Marketing. The event was organized by Tim Buendia Productions.

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