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Women Like Us | Doing Good, Looking Great

· Daisi Jo Pollard,women like us,foundation,ambassadors,fundraising event

Daisi along with fellow Women Like Us Ambassadors rallied supporters during the "Doing Good, Looking Great Women” fundraiser organized by the Women Like Us Foundation to facilitate on the ground organizations that are rescuing women from sex trafficking and helping on the path to recovery. The event was held at the office of Ben Talei, MD, the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery.

Speakers included licensed Psychologist and women empowerment motivational speaker and author, Dr. Nancy O’Reilly Author as well as sex trafficking survivor and advocate.

The Women Like Us Foundation is committed to sustaining women’s leadership through creating awareness of women-led initiatives and granting funds. President/CEO, Linda Rendleman is an award-winning writer, speaker, and businesswoman who founded the Women Like Us Foundation in 2009.

Women Like Us International Spokesperson, Catt Sadler was in attendance along with Ambassadors, Jessica Ross, Pamela Quinzi, Nadya Rousseau, Arin Pitcher, Kerry Schwartz, Anna Nova and Daisi Pollard Sepulveda.

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