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    Daisi’s entrepreneurial talents have boosted her career into business and philanthropic roles. As a ‘Modelpreneur’, Daisi manages and markets her personal brand to clients and is building a talent-driven media empire spanning fashion, beauty, culture, fitness, health, and business.

    Daisi Media Corp., a multimedia company with trademarks in publishing, new media content, live events and variety of online properties that push the envelope of creative content that expands into new territories. Daisi Media Corp. manages the marketing, business relations and licensing for “Daisi Jo” brand. Find out more about Daisi Media Corp here, www.DaisiMediaCorp.com.

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    My Product Model is an exclusive source offering inclusive packaging of product modeling, photography and video solutions for e-commerce fashion and beauty brands, Amazon Sellers, Easy Shops and Ebay Sellers. Our packages come with everything you need for one flat rate. Why spend thousands of dollars on photographers, studio rentals, models, makeup artist, etc. for the same old generic product shots that everyone else using?

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    Brazen Influencers activates social media influencers to provide brands with unmatched organic digital exposure that compels audiences to engage - like, follow and share branded content.

    Brazen Studios L.A. on DaisiPollard.com

    Brazen Studios L.A.- a trailblazing new concept in beauty and fashion that uplifts the creator. Brazen Studios L.A. empowers Creators by removing barriers. Creators keep ownership of their content while gaining valuable resources and relationships that will help grow your channel, make more money and build your network.

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