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    Living Jamerican

    Very rarely do we see Caribbean culture expressed on American TV. Living Jamerican gives an inside peek of what Caribbean American life is like through the eyes of Jamaican American beauty queen, model, and business woman Daisi “Jo” Pollard Sepúlveda. http://www.LivingJamerican.com

    Ozzie and Quark

    Ozzie and Quark Comedy Podcast Show. Hilariously funny Space Aliens Ozzie and Quark broadcast their comedy podcast show live from Earth orbit. All subjects are fair game from Celebrity Farts from Bruce Willis, Justin Bieber to Gwen Steffani and laugh out loud Listener Calls to unbelievable Celebrity Prank Calls. Ozzie and Quark cover all your comedy needs straight up from outer space. Best lol ever

    Meningitis News Podcast

    Meningitis News is an ongoing series of interviews, media updates and alerts surrounding cases and meningitis outbreaks. Meningitis News aims to disseminate news and educate the public about meningitis. Meningitis News is a weekly broadcast that delivers information on meningitis related to outbreaks,vaccinations,medical conditions and other important subjects related to meningitis. Meningitis News is hosted by Daisi Pollard Sepulveda who became a spokesperson for meningitis immunization advocacy groups after being diagnosed with meningitis in 2006. To learn more about Meningitis and Meningitis News visit our site, http://www.MeningitisNews.org

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