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    The Women Like Us Foundation is committed to sustaining women’s leadership through creating awareness of women-led initiatives and granting funds. Women Like Us Foundation has a long history of creating awareness of sex trafficking both locally and globally. Our support of women's leadership against sex trafficking is making a difference for lives of women and girls.


    There are three steps to rebuilding the life of a sex trafficking victim, we call them the three "Rs": Rescue, Restore, Recovery. Through funding, volunteering, and awareness building, Women Like Us Foundation has successfully helped and sustained women-led organizations fighting sex trafficking, helping numerous girls off the streets to reenter society.


    MISSION: Promoting gender equality and social justice through women’s leadership.


    MANTRA: Increasing awareness and offering stability in key areas led by women.


    VISION: We envision an educated world with equality for all individuals and collectively coming together in support of social justice.

    Women Like Us Foundation Ambassadors

    Women Like Us Ambassador

    As a Women Like Us Ambassador, my role is to help spread awareness through social media, host sex trafficking salons to educate communities about the risks of trafficking, work with women-led nonprofits and attract donors to raise the necessary funds to ensure victims get through all three stages of recovery.


    Women Like Us Foundation has successfully helped the below women-led organizations:


    You can help Women Like Us grant funds to women-led initiative to rescue victims of sex trafficking by donating to our campaign HERE.

    Women Like Us Focuses On 3 Major Issues


    Link to Women Like Us Foundation video on Sex Trafficking

    An estimated 1.2 million children between the ages of 11 and 16, boys and girls alike, are trafficked each year. And although many often think sex trafficking happens only in places other than the US, it is happening right here at home.


    Link to Women Like Us Foundation video on homelessness

    Over 3 million people experience homeless each year. The working poor, single moms, the mentally ill and teens live in poverty and are part of the vast numbers of homeless in the world. Homelessness can be a catalyst for, and a result of, the growth of sex trafficking.


    Link to Women Like Us Foundation video on investing in education

    62 million girls are not in school. We support initiatives led by women that focus on investing in education for women and girls that lead to brighter futures, economic empowerment, independence and growth.